Working Wednesday: Voice Acting in Los Angeles


voice acting in los angelesJoin me (Katie Leigh) and Mark Chen as we drive to a studio in downtown Los Angeles and chat about voice acting in Los Angeles, networking with other VO talents, taking care of your vocals, and getting voice-over work. We also touch on the joys of finding new characters through the auditioning and hiring process. Mark is breaking into the voice-over business and was curious to see how this session would work. I met Mark Chen, my videographer and guest, through some other VO friends. Making friends is the key to everything! I enjoy giving others the opportunity to see what I do. I also like having someone along for the ride so I can use the carpool lane (teehee).

Now, if you don’t live in the area, but would like to relocate to do voice acting in Los Angeles, you should know it’s quite common to have to drive an hour to get to a studio fifteen miles away. Traffic is a way of life. So, be prepared!

A great way to spend one’s commute time is with vocal warm ups. I like to listen to podcasts when I’m alone and take care of business calls. I am an LA native, so I guess I’m used to all the driving.

The time spent commuting can be especially challenging for those of us who also work from home. I have decided it’s like comparing apples to oranges. The trade off is meeting new people, making new friends, getting out of the house, and building a reputation in town. I also believe that work evens itself out. I’ve learned not to base whether or not a job is worthwhile solely on the compensation. I have been delighted with the surprises I encounter in real time and in the future when I venture outside the four walls of my own studio and begin voice acting in Los Angeles.




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