Working Wednesday: Wake Up With Intention And Be A G.O.A.T!

g.o.a.tYou have to begin each day with intention and purpose, and you must always be a G.O.A.T!  Not the cute farm kind of goat or the “let’s do yoga” kind of goat, but a G.O.A.T. – Greatest of All Time!

While I would love to take credit for this acronym and the idea of being the greatest of all time, I can’t. I discovered it while reading an interview on Serena Williams, who is very comfortable being a G.O.A.T. In the interview, she didn’t apologize for being incredible – she simply owned it, saying “I always play everyone at their greatest, so I have to be greater.”

Let’s be clear, I’m not indicating that you should announce to the world that you are the most wonderful thing since sliced bread! I’m suggesting that you give yourself permission to own what you do well. It’s adopting a positive attitude, believing in yourself, and rewarding yourself for your accomplishments.  

Voice-over is a business in which you have to prove yourself, audition after audition. And in this business, you have to focus on pursuing mastery at many different levels – professional voice-over training, home studio set-up, self directing your auditions, editing and marketing, just to name a few.

Be prepared to perform with confidence and tenacity. Take a chance, be bold, be fearless. You want to maximize the odds of being the voice that the client must have, so be courageous and embrace how truly wonderful and incredible you are.

Whenever successful people want to accomplish something, they go at it absolutely convinced they will achieve it. Be that person. Pat yourself on the back and embrace the greatness of what you’re doing as you follow the path to becoming a voice actor and a G.O.A.T.

As you consider your greatness, contemplate the following questions:

How can I bring my life experiences to a script and make those words come to life?

What is my greatest strength in my voice over vocal delivery?

Who does this client need me to be?

What kind of extraordinary zing can I give to this audition that will make it a great one?



Thanks for tuning in for this week’s Working Wednesday segment! Remember, we LOVE hearing your feedback so be sure to join in on the conversation!



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