Talent Spotlight: Aimee Thibert

Aimee Thibert did her voice-over training with Such A Voice in late 2017, and since then has been active doing radio spots, character work, and building her client list. She’s also a mother AND an Air Force Veteran. What can’t she do?!

Let’s see how her VO career has progressed, and see if she’s got any insights for those just starting out.

SAV: Tell us about any recent projects you’ve been working on! (if you’re allowed!)

Thibert: I voiced Amber Wonderly in Jabberwocky Audio Theater’s latest show, Quorum which plays Sundays at 4:00pm EST on WERA: Radio Arlington and can also be found on their site at www.jabberaudio.com. I also just recorded a character for an app currently in development.

SAV: What’s been your favorite VO project you’ve been a part of so far and why?

Thibert: I think working with the really talented writer (Bill Coughlan) and producer (Bjorn Munson) of Quorum was a treat! The project brought together a lot of very talented people in the D.C.-metro area, and we recorded as an ensemble which doesn’t happen very often.

SAV: That’s exciting! How do you find the experience of recording as an ensemble different from recording VO alone in a studio setting? Has your theater background helped this?

Thibert: Working with an ensemble is a great experience because you can react and respond to your castmates’ energy. It’s almost like performing live. Working alone, you have to create a lot of the world for yourself which is also fun but different. Having experience doing both is a real plus.  My theater background has absolutely helped me work both with an ensemble and solo in my home studio. I draw on my past experiences to help with script analysis which I think is one of my favorite parts of acting.

SAV: How would you define your niche in voice-over?

Thibert: I would say that I am still figuring out my niche. I’m not limiting myself at the moment and instead just casting a wide net to see what I can pull in. So far it seems that I’m booking a lot of character work which makes sense given my background in theater. I love that I now have a new avenue to pursue my interest in performing arts.

SAV: What was the most beneficial aspect of your training with Such A Voice?

Thibert: For me, the exposure to the audio production aspects of voice-over was very exciting. Since my sessions with Ben Marney, I became really interested in audio production, and I’ve enrolled in some college courses where I’m studying audio production and sound engineering a little more in depth. Also, the marketing plan was helpful and I still reference it.

SAV: Great to know you’re using all of the resources included with your training package. Are you fairly experienced learning new software, or has that been a big challenge for you? Or both?

Thibert: I can’t say that I’m the best when it comes to new technology. It’s certainly been a steep learning curve for me but it’s been a really fun challenge. Developing the knowledge to become better in my field has been very motivating. Also, I find that the better I get, the more I am able to help other actors who are learning this side of the house for the first time. Technology isn’t going away so it’s time to embrace this changing environment.

SAV: How did you first get involved with Such A Voice? What made you take the plunge into the world of VO?

Thibert: I attended a voice-over class with Dan Levine in Fairfax, VA. At the time I was an active duty Air Force Officer and was thinking about a career change. I always hoped to find a career where I could incorporate my theater background as well as something that was flexible enough that I could do where ever I moved. Now that I have separated from the military after six years, and with my husband deploying, I decided it was time to start focusing on voice-over to see if it could be a viable career option.

SAV: What is your home studio set-up like?

Thibert: Right now I have a dedicated office in my home where the closet has been transformed into my booth. It’s a little small but it works.

SAV: What do you like to do outside of being a voice actor?

Thibert: I’m a mom to a very active toddler and I’m a full-time student studying theater performance and audio production. That keeps me pretty busy!

SAV: What is one piece of advice you’d share with people just getting started on their VO journey?

Thibert: Treat it like a business. Set aside hours where you focus on web design, marketing, education, and networking. I also highly recommend attending conferences. I attended the Mid-Atlantic Voice Over conference (MAVO) in Herndon this past November and I have met some really great people who I frequently talk to for support and motivation. I can’t wait for the next one!

SAV: What is the most helpful advice you’ve gotten since you started with voice-over?

Thibert: Give more than you take. Become an expert and help your fellow voice actors succeed -by lifting up others, you create a community where you can thrive.

SAV: Anything else you like to add?

Thibert: I’m happy to talk to anyone looking for advice or encouragement. Feel free to reach out to me at aimee@aimeesvoice.com. My website is www.aimeesvoice.com.




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