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Josh Mead has been the voice of companies like Lowes and Old Spice, and we LOVE his studio in Portland, Oregon!

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Not everyone has a cush office studio. We at Such A Voice know that most of our students record from home, we do too, and you need to have a sound studio to do it properly.

Sometimes you’ve got to be a little creative to find the best place to record (we’re looking at you, bedroom closets!)

Here are some tips for your studio:

  • Avoid sound reflections – Tiled floors, the presence of air ducts, and windows are biggies when it comes to sound reflection. Make sure to cover these with noise absorption or dampening materials. Always try to be in a room with carpet.
  • Studio Foam panels and similar materials can be expensive. If you’re on a budget head down to your local department store and get some foam mattress liners. Or better, recycle egg cartons or old blankets!
  • Instead of soundproofing entire rooms try throwing up some colorful soundproof panels that are easily removed.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable chair! You don’t want to be readjusting constantly and risk noise or a hiccup in how you sound.
  • Sometimes background noise can come from anywhere. Avoid ticking clocks, ceiling fans, or being near a high traffic room.
  • If you are using a tower computer make sure the fans and low hums it can make aren’t filtering in. Try surrounding the wall and computer desk with padding. For laptops just make sure they are away from your mic (preferably there should be sound dampening between the mic and laptop).*
  • A small, portable desktop booth is very handy. Ensure that it is covered from all sides though, including the top and the surface it is resting on.

Achieving a quality recording environment is paramount to recording a professional voice-over.  

*Warning: Ensure that you do not cover the fans and risk your computer overheating.*

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