What is a Voice-Over Agent?

First of all, securing voice-over agent representation is not the turn-key solution to success in voice-over; it’s a combination of various skills and tools cultivated through hard work and gratitude over time. You can ask a hundred people how they achieved success and you’ll hear a hundred different answers. So, while there’s no “secret to success” in voice-over, there are a number of things that may work for you.

So, what specifically does a voice-over agent do? One role of the voice-over agent is to oftentimes serve as a buffer between eager-beaver talent (like you and me) and the voice-over casting director, ad agency, producer, etc… This is a demanding role, and some days feels similar to herding cows. I would know, I’ve worn that hat, and let me tell you, it’s not always a walk in the park. Some voice actors can be incredibly needy, don’t be that person. Nobody likes that person, especially a voice-over agent. It isn’t your voice-over agent’s job to give you feedback on your auditions.   

The job of a voice-over agent is to wrangle high-quality audition submissions from stellar talent like yourself in a streamlined and organized fashion so that folks who hire voice actors can easily select the voice that best fits their needs. If you need audition feedback to help you feel more confident that you’re making the right choices when you’re stepping up to the mic, ask your voice-over coach. That’s their job. It’s also your voice-over agent’s job to invoice and collect payment for the work that they book for you. Because voice-over agents only take a 10-20% commission and you’re walking with 80-90% of the designated voice-over fee, respect their process and understand that it may take 60-90+ days for you to receive your cut.

 As with any professional pursuit, in order to succeed you need to come from a place of abundance. Whether that means hanging on to your day job for just a little while longer or simply shifting your perspective, coming from a place of abundance will give you the resources, mindset, and perseverance you need to succeed in this industry.

Later go-getters!

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Lisa Biggs is a full-time professional voice-over actor, creator of Voxy Ladies and co-creator of Camp Vox. She’s been lending her unique sound to national campaigns and global brands for more than a decade. For more of her work, visit lisabiggs.com.

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