The Power Grid: Energy (of all kinds) in your Studio

Those of you who know me are already aware of this (and greetings to those of you who I’ve not yet met): I describe myself as a “Sparkly Unicorn Who Runs A Think Tank.” What this means to me is that I am a ginormous fan of two seemingly separated worlds: the analytical-technical-measureable, and the invisible-energetic-soulfilling. I come by these divergent-looking passions honestly…I’m an Econ grad Goddess from an Ivy-covered institution who adores numbers, and have also sought a deep-dive into Energy Wellness my whole life: Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, etc.

What I’ve found in my own voice-over practice/life, as well as that of my clients, is this: bringing the world of energy into our voice-over journey is not only possible, it can be absolutely

 game-changing. This is especially powerful in your studio space. Let me explain.

We’ve all had the feeling of walking into a room and sensing a previous event…possibly in a place of worship, possibly a historic site, possibly a room where there was either a big celebration or a big trauma. Energy, according to those who study it, leaves a “signature,” something we

 cannot see but can clearly feel. The same is true of any space where we ourselves spend a lot of time, and do a lot of emoting or creative expression…studios!

What kind of energy are you letting into your booth?

Here’s an electric idea for you: by being aware of the energy both in your studio and in yourself, you can boost your abilities to be connected, centered, intuitive, authentic, and powerful in your voice-over career. 

“But, I don’t want any of that!” – said zero voice-over artists ever!

Here are some things to try, to be more aware of the energy “grids” or fields in your studio and in yourself. Let’s start with the studio space…

  1. Sit or stand in your studio, as you would to record, and just notice. If you had to describe the energy in there, what is it? Calm? Energetic? Clear? Busy? Happy? Serious? (There are only right answers, by the way.) If it’s less-than-calming or energetic or whatever feels like a match to you, you can shift it!
  2. Objects absolutely have what’s called an “energy signature” as well, and ideally you want to choose things to have in your studio (table, chair, covering, mats, water containers, etc.) that either feel good or neutral to you. For example: if you have a desk in your studio and the covering has a connection to a happy event or place for you, perfect. If it has a connection to a less-happy event or place, consider swapping it out! This may seem silly, and stay with me…every object around us impacts us; it’s why places of healing like hospitals and wellness centers often put images of beautiful blue skies on their ceilings for us to stare at—there is a wildly real impact on the mind, body, and spirit, which impacts our storytelling!
  3. Here’s another layer to what I’ve said above: if you’re getting ready to do a very serious or heartfelt read, think about what kind of colors, images, and scents might get you in that place. All of those have specific energy, and can evoke certain energies in us. Can you bring in a specific image to place before you that evokes that feeling? Is there a scent that reminds you of something serious or heartfelt? Can you bring that scent into your space? What about a color? You can alter the light in your studio with LED color-shifting bulbs, or simply bring in an item with that color powerfully in it. Is there an article of clothing or jewelry that evokes the emotion you’re calling in? This exercise works for aligning yourself with any mood or emotion you wish to bring into your read—we want to address the external (your studio) and internal (You) environments!
  4. Let’s transition to the energy of You. Since you’ve been a human for a minute or two now, you know that our emotions and moods can shift very quickly. I’d love to empower you to have more sovereignty over what kind of emotion or mood you bring into your studio for your voice-over work. The emotion you’d choose to do a commercial for a bank would be very different from the emotion you’d choose for a children’s pediatric center. You get to be really aware of that, and choose what fits. The basic starting point is similar to #1 above…when you enter your studio space, ask yourself about your own energy field (we can swap “energy field” out with “emotional state”—they are close cousins). What is your dominant emotion as you step into your studio? If you notice patterns, meaning you’re always anxious or calm when you step into the studio and then your feeling shifts as you start to work – that’s terrific info. Make a note somewhere: what we’re aware of we can address.
  5. If your own energy when stepping into your studio needs some love, there are millions of tools to try…one of my faves is literally just ONE MINUTE of deep breathing: eyes closed, hand on heart…in for a count of 4, hold for a beat, out to a count of 4. If you’re a dance party person, you could play your favorite jam and dance like nobody’s watching…or sing one karaoke song…or anything that brings you peace, happiness, and joy. The general idea is to know what your energy is before you record! And gently start to collect tools that help you adjust when needed! Shift to calm-happy-neutral before you start if that feels right to you, and then choose another layer or flavor of your emotion to bring to the material. Everyone’s path is perfectly unique to them; play, and see what works.

Energy may be invisible, but it’s powerful in the extreme. The thriving voice-over artist is very well served indeed by knowing that energy grids are both internal and external. Becoming aware of them and bringing them into your studio and voice-over practice can help you to soar. Please, let me know how it goes!  Beaming you mighty positive voice-over energy! 


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