el paso voice-over classesWe do not have introductory El Paso voice-over classes at this time,  though that doesn’t mean we don’t have classes in Texas. We have a class in Dallas and HoustonIf you’d like to attend one of our in-person classes in Dallas or Houston, please reach out to classes@suchavoice.com, and we can provide you details about registration. 

If you’re eager to get started today, we recommend checking out our online learning opportunities. 

Such A Voice is a professional voice-over training and demo production company. We help thousands of aspiring voice talents with starting their voice-over career. Thanks to technology, we’re able to work with you all virtually! That means that no matter where you are located, you’ll be able to do our training program via Skype with our team of voice-over coaches, demo producers, and script writers.

As we mentioned, we do have online resources available to you, even before you begin your training with us. We encourage you to check out our shockingly simple secret from VO Pro, Brian Thon. Brian is one of our voice-over coaches who also happens to be a former Such A Voice student. Since graduating from our program, he has climbed his way up to the top of the voice-over industry. He now has over 25 years of experience within the industry. He’s definitely not shy when it comes to talking about voice-over, so if anything, he’s having a hard time with not sharing our shockingly simple secret with you right now.

We know secrets are not meant to be told, but we’re going to let you in on something. When you check out our shockingly simple secret, you’ll receive a five-minute video from Brian and a downloadable PDF with some tips to help you start your voice-over on the right foot!

So, what are you waiting for? See what our shockingly simple secret is and check out this page every once in awhile to see if we have any introductory El Paso voice-over classes.

We’ll update this page once we start to get introductory El Paso voice-over classes. Stay tuned!   

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