long island voice-over classesAt this moment, we do not have any introductory Long Island voice-over classes. But, we do have our classes in other cities in New York!

Plus, have you heard what our shockingly simple secret is all about?!

If you’re new to Such A Voice, welcome! We offer voice-over training, demo production, marketing, and home studio services to aspiring voice talents all over the world. Our office headquarters is located in Vermont, though we have voice-over coaches and demo producers from different states, even countries, ready to teach you more about voice-over. With our online training program, you’re able to set up weekly meetings with your coach via Skype, learn different voice-over techniques, do some script readings, and record your voice-over demo.

Being a voice actor is fun, and we want to rock the mic and have a blast doing what you love to do!

So, how do you get started in voice-over?

See when and where our New York voice-over classes are, and register today!

Remember the shockingly simple secret we briefly mentioned?

Well, check that out, too!

We don’t like to share secrets. We see it as sharing details. So, here are some details about the shockingly simple secret. You’ll receive a 5-minute video from voice-over coach and international voice-over artist, Brian Thon. He’ll talk about how to get your voice noticed by clients and agencies. You’ll also get a downloadable PDF that will provide you with more information about how to get your start in voice-over.

We’ll update our page once we begin teaching our introductory Long Island voice-over classes. For now, check back every once in awhile to this page, see where we teach in New York, and take 5 minutes out of your day to hear what the shockingly simple secret is all about!

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