richmond voice-over classesWelcome to Richmond, the capital of Virginia and one of oldest major cities in the United States! The area is full of opportunities, so now is your time to get out there and explore the options in the voice-over industry. You can use your speaking voice for voicing commercials, audiobooks, documentaries, video games, and much more! Unfortunately at this time, we do not have any introductory Richmond voice-over classes, though we have some in Virginia Beach.

We also have other ways in which you can learn more about how to get started in the voice-over industry, one of them being our shockingly simple idea to finding success as a voice-over artist.

We’re Such A Voice, an online voice-over training and demo production company that supports those who are looking to do voice-over part-time or full-time. Our training program includes marketing and home studio support. We encourage our students to meet once a week with their assigned voice-over coach. Each week, you’ll learn voice-over techniques and practice reading scripts. Since we teach voice-over online, it means that we’re able to work with clients from all over the world! Our team of coaches, demo producers, and script writers stick with you throughout the entire program and make sure that you have a top-notch voice-over demo that’ll get you noticed by voice-over clients and agencies.

Our must knows of voice-over resource guide is the perfect starting point to learning more about Such A Voice and what we have to offer. It lets you in on how to begin your voice-over career with success.

Discover more about our must knows of voice-over resource guide and be sure to check back on this page here and there to see if we have any introductory Richmond voice-over classes.

We’ll update this page once we start to get introductory Richmond voice-over classes. Stay tuned!

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