Talent Spotlight: Bryan Burton


Motivating yourself can be difficult, especially in the world of voice-over. It’s easy to become distracted working from the road or at home in your studio. You must have the drive to succeed and grow your voice, and that means thinking successfully from the moment you wake up. It takes motivation. This is one of many reasons Such A Voice has the producers and coaches we do, to help when it gets tough, and to push you to your greatest potential.

This month’s Talent Spotlight highlights the achievements of an extremely motivated individual who has always had a career utilizing his voice. For more than twenty years Bryan Burton has harnessed his voice for communications in the armed service. Today, he excels in voicing motivational and educational videos to enable others like him to succeed!

SAV: Thank you for taking time for this interview, and of course thank you for your service to our country. Tell us, what was it about using your voice that made you want to continue doing so after your military career?

Bryan: I really enjoyed using my voice as part of my job in the military, and really appreciate how important it was to effectively use my voice to deliver accurate, brief, and clear voice communications.  As an Airborne Communications Systems Technician, I was charged with using my voice to communicate air traffic control instructions, coordination for combat, and facilitating voice communications between US senior leaders and international dignitaries. After transitioning from the USAF, I wanted to continue to use my voice to become a commercial voice-over artist.

SAV: Outside of the content, how does your military background of using your voice differ from what you are doing now?

Bryan:  One of the biggest differences in using my voice in military communications from commercial voice-over projects is that the focus is being able to emote the feeling or the mood of a message through voice.  It is definitely an art form to perfect the ability, to have your voice reflect the emotion and tone of a message on cue for an audition.

SAV: I completely agree! So what was the most challenging aspect of your SAV coaching experience?

Bryan:  Initially, it was challenging to develop the skill to “sound natural” in reading scripts and also add emotion of the message to be communicated.  The SAV coaches I had were very patient and knowledgeable  in giving me tips and techniques to develop my skills.   As with any skill, practice, practice, and more practice has been the key for my continued growth as a voice-over artist.

SAV: How would you describe your voice?

Bryan:  I would describe my voice as a warm, friendly, everyday guy (from the US East Coast), a little sultry and smooth.

SAV: What is your favorite type of voice-over work?

Bryan:  Right now I really enjoy performing motivational type voice overs and I like fun, romantic (Sandals Couples Resort) voice over commercial messages.

SAV: What is it like to be a part of the eLearning side of the industry?

Bryan:  To date, I have only performed a couple of eLearning voice-over projects, but I would like to expand my vocal repertoire in this area as it is a growing area in the voice-over industry.

SAV: Do you plan on breaking into any other areas of voice-over?

Bryan:  I plan to “break-into” any/all areas where my unique voice and technique will add value to a client’s voice over project or promotion.

SAV: What marketing techniques do you find the most success with?

Bryan:  Active (in-person) networking with businesses, chambers of commerce, family, friends, and acquaintances has been good for initial contacts and opportunities.  I am looking to use my newly created website http://www.bkburtonvoiceovers.com/ to expand my marketing efforts and opportunities.

SAV: Lasty, where do you find your motivation as a voice-over professional?

Bryan:  The incredible thing about the voice-over industry is that it is one of the most comprehensive industries on the planet. I can honestly say that in today’s digital world, we are exposed to voice-over in almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives.  So I am motivated to use my unique voice to become the best value-added voice-over artist I can be in the amazing world of voice-overs!

To book work with Bryan please contact him at: http://voicestable.com/wp/voices_usa/ http://www.militaryfamilyvoices.us/

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