cleveland voice-over classesThis is your opportunity to learn more about the voice-over industry! If you’re looking to be the next voice of audiobooks or commercials, or simply want to see what this profession is all about, come check out our introductory voice-over classes! We unfortunately do not have any Cleveland voice-over classes, but we do have amazing online learning opportunities for you, one of them being our shockingly simple idea to finding success as a voice-over artist.

A little bit of background about us… we’re here to provide online voice-over training, demo production, and marketing and home studio support to aspiring voice talents. Each week, you’ll meet with your assigned voice-over coach via Skype, learn voice-over techniques, and practice reading scripts. Being able to teach voice-over online means that we’re able to work with clients from all over the world! Our team of coaches, demo producers, and script writers really work with you to make sure that you walk away with a top-notch voice-over demo that’ll wow voice-over clients and agencies.

Our shockingly simple idea is the perfect starting point to learning more about Such A Voice and what we have to offer. It lets you in on how to begin your voice-over career with success. And who better to learn this from than VO pro, Brian Thon?

Such A Voice coach, Brian Thon, has been through it all… all of our training program. He was once in your shoes, trying to decide what he wanted to do as a career and thinking that voice-over may be the next best move. Since going through our program, Brian now has over 25 years of voice credits and has formed his own multimedia company, True Tone Studios, LLC. He loves sharing voice-over information with current and prospective Such A Voice students.

So, what is this shockingly simple secret that Brian wants to share? We know secrets are meant to be private and hidden, but we want to give you some details. You’ll receive a five-minute video from Brian and a downloadable PDF with more information about what it’s like to be a professional voice talent.

Discover what our shockingly simple secret is with a simple click of a button and reach out to if you’re interested in learning more about where we currently teach in Ohio. 

We’ll update this page once we start to get introductory Cleveland voice-over classes. Stay tuned!   

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