iowa voice-over classesAt this moment, we do not have any introductory Iowa voice-over classes. We can still point you in the right direction for voice-over learning opportunities available. 

Our online voice-over training, demo production, marketing, and home studio services are provided virtually.  That means we’re able to work with aspiring voice-over actors all over the world. Our training program consists of weekly meetings with a voice-over coach and working with demo producers and script writers to create a demo to showcase to casting agencies

We recommend reading “The Must Knows of Voice-Over” resource document as a way to begin your journey in voice-over. Inside the document, you’ll see tips and voice-over information from successful working actors.

Learn more about:

  • How to manage time as a voice actor
  • Whether or not to join a union
  • Why voice-over training is recommended
  • What kind of opportunities are available within the industry
  • & plenty more!

Check out the “Must Knows of Voice-Over” and begin your journey in voice-over.

If you have any recommendations about where we could teach our introductory Iowa voice-over classes, please email


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