iowa voice-over classesAt this moment, we do not have any introductory Iowa voice-over classes, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to learn more about voice-over from us! Our online voice-over training, demo production, marketing, and home studio services are designed to give you access to online voice-over content at any time. Almost all of our training is done virtually, which means that we’re able to work with aspiring voice-over artists all over the world! Our training program consists of meeting weekly with your voice-over coach, learning different voice-over techniques, and working with our demo production team to create your very own voice-over demo.

Excited to get started?!

Our shockingly simple secret is the place to go to get started. It’s one of the most popular videos out there, providing the information about how to to get your voice heard by voice-over clients and agencies. Brian Thon, international voice artist and Such A Voice coach, is the one holding in this big secret. Brian has been in the voice-over industry for over 25+ years and is eager to share the secret. 

Secrets aren’t meant to be told, but we want you to let you in a little bit of the secret. Along with the 5-minute video, you’ll also receive a downloadable PDF with more information about how to get started with your voice-over career. This is your opportunity to gather as much insight from a VO Pro about how to find success in this industry. 

Check out our shockingly simple secret and don’t forget to visit this page every once in awhile to see if we have begun our introductory Iowa voice-over classes! Email if you want the latest scoop about how our Indianapolis classes are coming along. 


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