Working Wednesdays Video: Taking Care of Voice-Over Business

Working Wednesdays: Taking Care of Voice-Over Business

When you think “voice-over business,” the really exciting part in that phrase is “voice-over.” We sometimes forget about the “business.” You’re likely going to spend more time out of your booth doing office hours than in the booth recording, especially in the beginning. You have to generate those auditions and find jobs that are going to keep you in the studio. It’s important to have some tasks you’re going to accomplish every single day that will move your voice-over business forward. Here are a few of mine:

voice-over businessOrganizing your to-do lists.

I’ll talk more about how to create effective to-do lists next week, but right now just get all of your tasks out of your head and onto paper or into your phone. You can’t start a voice-over business or be self-employed without keeping track of your action items. I know you want to progress in the voice-over world as quickly as possible and keeping to-do lists will give you a solid foundation in which to grow from.


The more people who know you do this, the more people there will be to hire you. Start telling them you’re an amazing, professionally-trained, and easy to work with voice-over artist! The internet makes it really easy to reach out to people via email, but don’t forget about in-person networking, too. Either way you go, figure out who you’re going to target: ad agencies, e-learning companies, audiobook publishers, explainer video companies, etc. Make sure you keep track of who you’re contacting and reach out to people consistently. It can be as simple as tracking this information on a spreadsheet or you can invest in a CRM like VoiceOverView or Nimble.


You want to be on top of your game, right? You have to keep training. Take in some kind of voice-over information daily. Listen to podcasts, read books, become a Such A Voice VO Pro Member, invest in one-on-one sessions with a coach to brush up on your skills, do a YouTube search. There are so many ways to grow! Next week, we’ll talk about setting goals for your business. See you then!

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Tia Rider Sorensen is a voice actor and writer in the Salt Lake City area. She got her start with Such A Voice in their VIP program and has since completed over 50 audiobooks, several corporate and explainer videos, as well as some commercial and animation work. You can see more of her work at



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