Talent Spotlight: Monica Polite

Monica Polite finished our voice-over training program earlier this year and she’s already onto voicing her fourth audiobook! We were happy that we were able to talk with her more about her upcoming audiobook project and get to know more about what sparked her interest in voice-over.

voice-overSAV: Hi Monica, congratulations on booking your fourth audiobook! Can you tell us a bit more about that project?

Polite: Thank you! I’m very excited even though this is my fourth book, each book is different and brings new challenges. The book I’m currently working on is called Save The Date by Sherylynne Rochester. It’s a contemporary Christian romance that is definitely a page turner.


SAV: What would you say your niche is in VO?

Polite: I would say narration is my niche which includes audiobooks, video narration, PowerPoint presentations, online courses, etc. I don’t know if that’s an official niche name, but that’s what I have been doing since starting my voice-over career. I love doing narration, because it is imparting knowledge and being a teacher, which is something I love to do. I also see it as being able to help people with their projects and to make them that much better.


SAV: Tell us how you found out about voice-over as a career opportunity and how you came across Such A Voice in your journey.

Polite: It’s a funny story really. I had to do some online training at my job. I think a lot of people can relate, when you hear commercials, online courses and so forth, you usually don’t think about the person narrating it. On this particular occasion, I + Add New Category started thinking about the person and thought, “This looks like a lot of fun!” I did a Google search and here I am. And loving it. Voice-over resonates with me on so many levels. I am a music teacher and I love to share my knowledge with others. This is just one of the many aspects I love about my job. In my research, Such A Voice came across my radar. I did some research, attended an interactive webinar, and decided it would be a good idea to get some coaching to get me started. They are a great source of information and I got some great tips from my coach.


SAV: Walk us through your everyday routine as a voice actor.

Polite: My everyday routine focuses around the condition of my voice. Just after waking up, I make sure that I drink lots of warm water with some lemon juice. I’ll also drink tea without sugar, which is sometimes hard to do LOL. I always keep water in my studio with me when I need to hydrate my voice. I also warm up my voice with vocal exercises and facial stretches before recording as well. Reciting some tongue twisters is a great warm-up before recording.


SAV: What’s your favorite part of your routine? Why?

Polite: My favorite part of my routine would have to be reciting the tongue twisters. I can really feel my face and mouth loosen up before reading. Makes it easier to get through difficult passages.


SAV: Besides voice-over training, what other classes/programs have you done to strengthen your voice-over skills? (Ex. improv classes, acting classes, etc)

Polite: SAV is the only formal voice-over training that I have had at this time. But I have done some informal training via YouTube videos. With regards to vocal skills, I use what I have learned as a classically trained musician and so I’m able to transfer that knowledge base when it comes to vocal exercises and keeping your voice healthy.


SAV: Record with or without a pop filter?

Polite: With a pop filter.


SAV: What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve received during your voice-over career?

Polite: Make sure that you feel what you are reading. Go into character. Make sure it’s coming from the heart, even though it may be for only 30 seconds.


SAV: Who is someone in this industry that you look up to?

Polite: I’m still learning about the industry, and don’t know a lot of names, but I have come across Bill DeWees. I’ve attended a couple of his webinars and he has given some great tips and pointers for voice-over. Susan Berkeley was one of the first people I came across as well in my initial YouTube search in voice-over. She provided a lot of great information, too. I also came across Earl Hall and he has a wealth of knowledge about the business side of this industry.


SAV: What’s next? Any projects coming up? Redesigns of your home studio?

Polite: Well, I still consider myself a newbie in the business, just passing one year as a full-time voice actor. Regarding projects, along with my book on ACX, I’m working on another short non-fiction book. I’m always looking to improve my studio. Right now, my focus is on how to improve the soundproofing, so I’ll be looking into what I can do with that.


Monica is also on Audible!


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