north carolina voice-over classesOur introductory North Carolina voice-over classes provide you with an overview of the voice-over industry, an insight into how it all works, and a bit of introductory voice-over training. Voice-over has evolved to be an almost purely online endeavor so if you’re looking for a fun and dynamic job that you can do from home, this is an excellent career to consider! The flexibility of voice-over jobs makes it possible for you to do it full time or part time. It’s an excellent career path that with dedication you can truly make work for you.

We have been offering North Carolina voice-over classes for more than ten years now and we hope that you’ll be able to attend our classes this year!

When are the classes happening next?

Please reach out to with any specific class inquiries.

What will I learn?

  • Voice-Over Techniques: Learn from your instructor, Robin Brooke, about the key voice-over techniques that every voice actor needs to know to be successful in the industry.
  • The Many Types of Voice-Over: Most voice actors have a niche, a type of voice-over that they specialize in. You may have a great voice for radio, or maybe your strong suit is audiobooks. Perhaps you want to read for eLearning. Learn more about the many different types of voice-overs and see which one speaks out to you.
  • The Union: “Is this something I should join?” Robin will go over how it works and what the income potential looks like as a union talent.
  • How to get the work: By now, you’re probably at the edge of your seat wondering how to get the work. Don’t worry, Robin will be sure to explain how to best market yourself as a voice-over artist so you can get noticed by clients and agencies!
  • The Home Studio: Get to know the necessary equipment you need in order to build your own home studio. That’s right, many voice actors nowadays make their own home studios so they don’t even have to leave the house for work!
  • The All-Important Voice-Over Demos: You’ll learn how important it is to have a professionally recorded demo. Your demo is your opportunity to show clients and agencies what you can do with your voice.

Who teaches the North Carolina voice-over classes?

Robin Brooke is an international voice-over artist who fell in love with the industry over 20 years ago while doing a morning drive radio stint between theatre jobs. With a long career in professional touring and regional theatre, Robin’s forte is versatility. Robin’s credentials include voicing Little Spirou in Mediatoon’s Little Spirou series, training modules for the Military of Singapore or Norwegian Cruise Lines, a steamy romance on, Glenda the Good Witch for Alexa’s interactive version of The Wizard of Oz, and leading female warrior for a PS4 game. For the past 5 years she has coached acting and character voices for VO, mic technique, and “out of the box” marketing. Robin continues to create voices, both in her state of the art home studio and on the stage, where she is the founder and executive producing director of the New River Valley Regional Theatre, a professional non-profit theatre in the mountains of Southwest Virginia.




Can’t make those dates for the North Carolina voice-over classes? No need to worry, we offer other online options to help you get started in the voice-over industry. Be sure to check out our must knows of voice-over resource guide!

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